Open source validating xml parser

04-Nov-2016 15:58

The exact interpretation of this requirement varied from person to person.On one extreme, the DPH was assumed to be a Web designer accustomed to writing CGI scripts without any formal training in programming who was going to hack it together in a weekend.However, picking such an API limits your choice of parser, and indeed may even tie you to one particular version of the parser since parser vendors tend not to worry a great deal about maintaining native compatibility between releases.Each of these APIs has its own strengths and weaknesses.In 2002, there’s very little need for any programmer to write their own parser.Unless you have very unusual requirements, the chance that you can write a better parser than Sun, IBM, the Apache XML Project, and numerous others have already written is quite small.

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For example, you might process one element at a time.In order to avoid the difficulties inherent in parsing raw XML input, almost all programs that need to process XML documents rely on an XML parser to actually read the document.

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