Philippine women dating scams

14-Aug-2017 12:04

scammers usually don't beat around the bush they get right to the money question.

You will receive a letter, text or Skype buy a girl telling you that their mother or their daughter is in the hospital and has a medical emergency.

It's not that they won't try they will the difference is you have good grounds to say no and the daughter will be off the hook.

One of the most common and lucrative scams you may come across in the Philippines is the medical emergency scam.

Once she tires of the marriage and believes she has reached the limit of what she can squeeze out of you she become very nasty, distant, withholding sex and eventually demands a divorce.

Expert scammers in the Philippines have learned how to forge hospital documents showing treatments and dollar amounts billed on sketchy paper work mostly written in Tagalog that you won't understand.

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