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19-Nov-2016 10:30

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There’s no two ways about it – people who are in dubious relationships with little or foundations and boundaries, will basically find that a lot of stuff gets done at their expense.If they want to stay on the team, they have to normalise bad behaviour and have little or no boundaries for it to work.If you’re with someone who is happier than a pig in sh*t being a poor partner for relationship, not just with you, it suggests that you need to get out and stop trying to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse.Even when you don’t have another person to be a team mate, you still have to be your own best buddy and act in the best interests of Team You, even in the face of uncomfortable, but necessary decisions. is now available to buy and provides a dedicated guide to getting over someone by cutting contact and injecting some boundaries into your life so that you can move on to a happier you.It is really important in relationships that you keep your feet in reality.That’s not to be a killjoy; that’s so that you enjoy a real relationship but are also aware of when things have shifted significantly enough for you to sanity check your decision to be with the other party.

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It’s called being an individual entity with a decent level of personal security.

When you realise they’re not on the same page, you try to teach them how to be a team player instead of hanging solo.