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The examples in the paper are what we call exception reporting - meaning experiences such as those included in the report are the exception, not happening all of the time, but it is imperative that they are raised, and actions taken, to ensure they do not continue to happen.

We take the working lives of our junior doctors and the responsibilities we place upon them very seriously.

We do recognise that we have to do more to meet the challenges with doctor recruitment and that is why we have established a group, with an executive leadership, to look at how we can improve things with our rotas.'Our staff work exceptionally hard and we would like to publicly acknowledge and thank them for this.

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It has been simplified using the latest technology and there was implemented the successful formula in order to give you the chance to find the perfect service for you, based on professionalism and confidence.The on-call full shift for neurosurgery (SHO) is under the empty slot on the rota and has not been filled.'The other SHO due to be in work today is now off post-nights as she was moved to nights last week last minute to cover another gap in the rota.'A diary of a junior surgeon reveals the depth of the crisis at the hospital.