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Date, time and GPS coordinates of each (re)capture as well as sex and ID number of each butterfly were recorded.) with a constant difference between sexes.

We thus used this model to obtain the estimates of daily numbers of males and females as well as their seasonal population sizes.

The butterfly despite its wide Eurosiberian range is considered to be one of the most threatened European species, classified as vulnerable (VU) both in Europe and the European Union, and listed in Appendix II of the Bern Convention, as well as Appendix IV of the Habitats Directive (Van Swaay et al. This small butterfly (with a wing span of about 3 cm) inhabits clearings in wet, usually deciduous forests, and on wet meadows with scattered trees, as well as ecotones on the edges of forests and wet meadows or fens (Meyer ) suggest that microclimatic conditions are more important determinants of habitat quality than the presence of specific host plants.

Larvae overwinter in the 3rd instar in grass tussocks, and they resume their growth in early spring to pupate finally in the 5th instar in May (Cassel-Lundhagen et al.

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