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04-Dec-2016 12:01

Among immigrant Hispanic girls, those who were Non-English-dominant were one-fourth as likely to have experienced dating violence as those immigrant girls who were English-dominant (a OR 0.27 [95% CI 0.08-0.87]).

Among US-born Hispanic girls, those who were Non-English-dominant were less likely to have experienced dating violence; however, this value did not reach statistical significance (a OR 0.65 [95% CI 0.33-1.27]).

First, the fact that teens who experience dating violence once are likely to experience it again, along with the finding that teens who have more romantic relationships were more at risk of being victims of dating violence, indicates a need for efforts that address teen dating violence it begins rather than focusing solely on interventions after an incident has happened.

Second, because dating violence programs are often delivered to teens through their schools, the finding that students who had already been victimized felt less connected with their schools means that the teens most in need of assistance may not be receptive to school-based programs.

Further studies are indicated to confirm this finding.

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Immigrant status was not found to be protective against dating violence for New Mexico Hispanic girls.

A secondary analysis was conducted on data from an inception cohort of 321 previously abused women from the Chicago Women’s Health Risk Study.

In a multivariable logistic regression model, pregnancy, frequency of IPV in the year prior to the baseline interview, and the partner’s use of power and control tactics increased the odds of recurrent IPV during the follow-up period and leaving an abusive partner reduced the odds.

To learn more about the experiences of dating Latino teens, NIJ grant recipients Carlos Cuevas, Chiara Sabina and their colleagues led a follow-up study to the Dating Violence Among Latino Adolescents (DAVILA) study.

The researchers found that among the students in the study: These findings have several implications for policy and practice.Little data exist on dating violence experienced by immigrant Hispanic adolescents.

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