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This makes EF almost useless imo for situations where you want to build up the object context with modified, added and deleted entities and then save them back to the database all at once with Save Changes() but in the meanntime need to show them to the user before they finally decide to save them. Hello OP:) Don't worry but I'm just confirming that it has nothing to do with 3-rd party, considering Microosoft's license to avoid more troubles....:) Now let's turn to EF—— As far as I see, EF is somehow designed like Data Set or Data Table, which will save each model record's state.In fact, when EF fetches all the data contents from db, you should do batch inserting,deleting or updating in the memory and call Save Changes() to update their records at once according to their states.Hello @rally25rs, The described behavior is actually expected, because the MVVM value binding updates the model on widget change, which does not happen on initial loading/binding.In general, the Drop Down List widget should always have a selected item - if there is no value, then the first one will be selected.This article will show how to update a Telerik ASP. We'll look at gathering data from both template and non-template columns.We'll also show how to bind a drop down list in the template column.I don’t know what is the best approach or why this is not a common problem that has already been incorporated into the fetch logic of datasource data bound controls.

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I updated the provided js Fiddle demo to demonstrate the suggested approach.Also, it is surprising this situation is not more well known and so far no workarounds I found to teach Entity Data SOurce's QUery Created to take the objects returned from Get Object State Entries.Seems would have made sense from the beginning to return either database or local view per option and to have the datasource controls work with either.The problem is that this is the way EF is designed! Heck it returns the modified objects yet the search criteria ignores the modifications.

To NOT return inserted objects and to return deleted objects from the object context. This is really asking for problems for the unaware user.I think this has to be a big issue for any web and desktop applications that use datasource controls when the data is saved up and committed to the database all at once.