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21-Jan-2017 13:25

But their destructive tendencies have a chilling impact on other species, too.

The RSPB believes that muntjac, who devour many of the shrubs that birds nest in, may be causing woodland bird numbers to tumble. Those who have experienced the sharp end of a muntjac's appetite will no doubt bay for blood.

This has enabled them to evade the hunter's bullet - and even live on our doorsteps without us noticing.

Tiny slot marks (hoof prints) left in soft ground have exposed their presence in dozens of English towns and cities, even in locations where a live one has never been spotted. Also known as barking deer, they tend to bark at night and can be confused with dogs.

But they are clever little beasts and once they were breeding at Woburn Abbey, the Duke's Bedfordshire estate, it was only a matter of time before they found an unsecured gate through which to escape.

They have since colonised much of England and are pressing northwards, like Proud Edward's army, towards the Scottish border.

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It had the texture and taste of an old boot and was quite disgusting.

I have seen several muntjac on my small Cambridgeshire farm - and there will be many more hidden away.