Reggie bush not dating black women

28-Nov-2016 12:33

spotlight a Black man who has allegedly, time and again, proven that he prefers love & relationships with non-Black women?Is this a move to spark a little controversy for the sake of sales, or are there more Black women than we thought, who love themselves some Reggie?Their bond also highlights the massive number or Black entertainers and athletes who seem to exclusively date and marry non-Black women – bringing up the issue of self-hate and the marginalization of Black Women.Reg, choice in cover imagery is cause for confusion, and discussion, but there is danger in invalidating opinions on either side of the debate, and the hazard increases when the frustration Black women feel becomes directed towards one another. There will always be a handful of brothas out there whose mental inadequacies prevent them from finding beauty within their own culture, so the question we must ask ourselves is: What is the best possible way to deal with that fact?Some of his verbal excreta:“If Kim dated me when I first wanted to be with her there wouldn’t be a Amber Rose.” TRANSLATION: Then he says this: “It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone who was with Amber Rose. But we all know when black women aren’t virginal they’re THOTS, but Kimmy can run through an entire football team and men like Kanye feel the need to “purify” themselves before their white goddesses.One commenter said it best:“So he didn’t have to take 30 showers after not only Ray J, but Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Chris Humphries…to name just a FEW!?However, there are those of us who are unaffected by his partiality and openly welcome an opportunity to gaze at shots of his rippled manliness.Bush’s good looks may be undeniable, but his exposure to pop culture has come not by way of his performance as running back for the New Orleans Saints, but his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

On the one hand you’ve got women who genuinely dig Kim, sex tape and all – there are those who could care less about the glitzy reality star – and on the other end of the spectrum appears to be those with an intense aversion for the self proclaimed entrepreneur, from everything to her pornographic beginnings to her romantic ties to one of In other words, there is no consensus about Kim Kardashian and her reputation among Black women which makes any African American publication a target for major criticism when covering anything remotely related to her.However, within the community, you have to be a virgin or you’re a whore, but a white woman can have multiple partners and the black men who want them will jump through whatever hoops necessary to win them over. That’s who he considered a prize over legions of quality black women who would have kicked their mama’s ass to be with him. We always have to be better to be just as good, not just in a racist society, but within a community that treats its mothers like second-class citizens. On today’s Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, emotions flew high as we revealed the reasons why some black men refuse to date women of the same race.

In addition, we touched on the topic of caucasian women attempting to steal the identity of the black woman.This stance can be supported with the increase of plastic surgery including buttox implants, dating high-profile black men, and other actions taken by caucasian women.