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They've been forcing water into her stomach and she looks like she's ten months pregnant with triplets. I wonder what's gonna happen when she starts throwing up; they've got her gagged so the only way out for the water is through her nose and that ain't gonna cut it." "That's her problem for being such a dumb cunt.

"She'll be a nice piece in a couple of years " the chief thought, then added, " if someone doesn't beat her to death first." He picked up the rubber hose he had been using on the girl's small tits and pooched belly and resumed working on her.After a rehab period that would last until the chief was convinced that she understood the seriousness of her offense, she would either be granted a license or be taken to the town limits and released.What they didn't tell her was that they had an arrangement with the next couple of towns that would mean her return for further rehabilitation in the event she was caught practicing her trade there.You think her internal injuries were also caused by the fall.

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You were behind her all the time and witnessed the event as I just described.

He noticed that the load of cum he'd deposited in her tight little cunt was beginning to leak out, and wondered if he'd put enough in to knock her up.

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