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Valets take students’ cars as they pull up to the glamorously lit entrance.

Dale’s mother, Lydia Spotted Eagle, was glad Dale decided to go.

“I’m used to having two sons and one daughter,” Lydia said.

“So it’s really kind of being able to get my brain to switch it out, switch over and switch gears.

Every tribe has their own language for the concept.

He said lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are western terms, whereas two-spirits has a more cultural connotation to it.

Dale identifies as transgender and recently made the decision to refer to herself with female pronouns.

For Dale and other members of the LGBT community in Browning, support outside family and close friends is hard to come by.

With next to nothing available in terms of resources or things to do, many yearn to leave the reservation.

Dale said she doesn’t mind when her family or closest friends have the occasional slip up.

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“Usually I tell my friends they can call me by whatever they want to call me by,” Dale said, “and I’m ok with that.” Lydia said she is working on it.

“If you go back far enough, before the missionaries, then you’d know they were there and have always been there,” Herrera said of two-spirit people’s historical significance.

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