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We’ve got plenty of hate circulating in this political climate, and we don’t need yours added to the mix. But, if you met me on the street would you lead with “sup” and then pull down your pants? Nobody likes a pic collector, and unless you’re actually planning to come visit my hometown and hang out with me in person, I’m not interested in doing the work to chat with you.

Grindr tells me there are 82 Daddies within a 5-mile radius of me who I’m sure can get here faster. This is one of those questions I always just shoot right back at the person.

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If you’re that worried about it, try picking up on cues about how they present themselves and how they talk about themselves. Your profile is too angry or too overtly political.Being a trans person and trying to date on or offline can be downright exhausting. Trans people, trans people of color, disabled trans people, fat trans people, etc. Check out the dictionary description of “fetish,” and you’ll find that it’s sexual attachment to an object.Sorry if my language comes across as harsh, but I have every right to ask that the people who contact me are respectful, value consent, and are, like I try to be, aware of their own privileges. Well, turns out trans people, people of color, disabled folks, and fat folks are not objects! The people I find sexiest are those who are down to include me in their sexuality without making a big deal about it or obsessing over how my body is different from a cis person’s body. Conversely, I’m not into trans people, people of color, disabled folks, fat folks, femmes, etc. There are systems of oppression in place that shape our attraction to different groups of people.And the great thing is, whether you prefer chatting extensively with your new crush first or a little fantasy in your play, there are diverse options to suit your every whim and desire.

It’s your friendly neighborhood trans person here to stop you from being “that guy” when it comes to chatting up trans cuties on your favorite dating apps.So, here’s 14 messages you can stop sending to trans people if you want to be good to the trans community (and possibly get in our pants): 1. But, for myself and my trans friends, it can feel like being treated like an exhibit at the zoo. We look just like men, women, or non-binary people because, well, we are. Like many trans folks, I dream of the world where these questions are no longer a thing. And, there are plenty of ways that we can make sex work for us where our junk configurations don’t need to be an issue.

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