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08-Sep-2016 09:40

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Which type of validity (content, construct, criterion, and face) to use depends on the objectives of the study.

The following questions are addressed in Step 4: Addressing these questions coupled with carrying out a readability test enhances questionnaire validity.

Determining who is the audience, their background, especially their educational/readability levels, access, and the process used to select the respondents (sample vs. A thorough understanding of the problem through literature search and readings is a must.

Good preparation and understanding of Step1 provides the foundation for initiating Step 2.

For example, the researcher must indicate what the questionnaire is measuring, that is, knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, opinions, recalling facts, behavior change, etc.

For example, to assess reliability of questions measured on an interval/ratio scale, internal consistency is appropriate to use.

To assess reliability of knowledge questions, test-retest or split-half is appropriate.

In a review of 748 research studies conducted in agricultural and Extension education, Radhakrishna, Leite, and Baggett (2003) found that 64% used questionnaires.

They also found that a third of the studies reviewed did not report procedures for establishing validity (31%) or reliability (33%).This article describes the sequential steps involved in the development and testing of questionnaires used for data collection.

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