Updating mozilla firefox dating consulting services

07-Jul-2017 15:18

You can find a complete list of developer-related changes in Firefox 5 in Firefox 5 for developers.If your add-on is distributed on addons.(AMO), it's been checked by an automated compatibility verification tool.If you’re on the latest version of Firefox and the version number starts with a 16 or greater, you never have to lift another finger to get the latest version.

Due to the short development cycle (even for our rapid release cycle; Firefox 5 was on an extra-short schedule for timing reasons), there are very few UI related changes in Firefox 5.Add-ons that don't use APIs that changed in Firefox 5, and have no binary components (which need to be recompiled for every major Firefox release), have automatically been updated on AMO to indicate that they work in Firefox 5.So you should start by visiting AMO and looking to see if your add-on needs any work done at all.It will update like clockwork without any effort from you as we roll out changes to all of our users.

Of course, if you want to be the very first to have an update, you can always check on your own, and configure your settings to check for updates.

In the past, you would have to take an action — either download the new version of select “Update” from your Firefox menu to initiate an update.