Validating xml parser perl

11-May-2017 01:29

Versions prior to 2.6.8 are known to be broken for various reasons, versions prior to 2.1.16 exhibit problems with namespaced attributes and do not therefore pass XML:: Lib XML regression tests.It may happen that an unsupported version of libxml2 passes all tests under certain conditions.Note also that you should rebuild XML:: Lib XML if you upgrade libxml2 in order to avoid problems with possible binary incompatibilities between releases of the library.Notes on libxml2 versions ========================= XML:: Lib XML requires at least libxml2 2.6.16 to compile and pass all tests and at least 2.6.21 is required for XML:: Lib XML:: Reader.It may still happen that XML:: Lib XML builds and pass its tests with such a version, but that does not mean everything is OK.There will be no support at all for blacklisted versions!(Each package will probably have a different version.) When you extract them, you'll get directories named iconv-VERSION.win32, libxml2-VERSION.win32, and zlib-VERSION.win32, each containing bin, lib, and include directories.Combine all the bin, include, and lib directories under c:\Prog\Lib XML.

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XML:: Lib XML will probably not compile with earlier libxml2 versions than 2.5.6.

This is no reason to assume that it shall work without problems. PL marks a version of libxml2 as incompatible or broken it is done for a good reason.

Notes for Microsoft Windows =========================== Thanks to Randy Kobes there is a pre-compiled PPM package available on Usually it takes a little time to build the package for the latest release.

If your libxml2 installation is not within your $PATH, you can pass the XMLPREFIX=$YOURLIBXMLPREFIX parameter to Makefile. PL does not check the libxml2 version for compatibility with XML:: Lib XML. ======================================== XML:: Lib XML is tested against a couple versions of libxml2 before it is released.

Thus there are versions of libxml2 that are known not to work properly with XML:: Lib XML. PL keeps a blacklist of the incompatible libxml2 versions. PL detects one of the incompatible versions, it notifies the user.

First, get the libxml2 binaries from (currently also available at

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