Vb net updating database

22-Mar-2017 13:37

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In addition, whatever action triggered the Validate event can be cancelled if you set the value of Action to zero (or to the predefined constant vb Data Action Cancel) prior to exiting the Validate event procedure.

The values of Action and their corresponding predefined constants are as follows: is a run-time only Boolean property available with data-bound controls (such as the textboxes you have been using), typically used in the Validate event.

On any record, change the data in the author name or year born field.

Move ahead, then move back to the record you changed. The data control automatically updates a record when you move off of the record.

This tutorial provides a brief introduction to developing database applications with Visual Basic through a series of nine step-by-step exercises.

It should be noted that these exercises use the Data control with other controls bound to it.

What is happening is that the data control is automatically invoking specific methods of the recordset object: namely the Move First, Move Previous, Move Next, and Move Last methods.

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If you don't trap the error, the program will crash.When the user clicks on the Save button to save the data that was entered, the Update method should be called and the buttons should be redisplayed.