Webcam personal nudity

25-May-2017 02:51

The most sci-fi element in the episode is the competence and discipline of the trolls, who hack the webcam of 19-year-old Kenny (Alex Lawther), film him masturbating, and blackmail him and various other characters into committing increasingly ill-advised acts.

The strongest parts of the episode are the moments when characters realize they’ve been totally owned.

Kenny slams his door shut, locks it, and hyperventilate-screams.

He gets the text “We are watching,” and dashes around the room, peeking out of the window blinds.

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The best surveillance tool imaginable is the one on his desk, locked in the room with him.

That said, it’s true enough that we carry around incredible surveillance tools and have at our fingertips amazing new ways of embarrassing ourselves on an unprecedented scale. It wouldn’t be totally paranoid to tape over your webcam. But the twist ending turns Kenny’s blackmailing into an extreme case, and sidesteps the fact that in a world of constant hacking, people are getting better about viewing victims as victims. The episode takes place in a series of cramped spaces shot with a cool tint, places you wouldn’t want to spend another minute in even if you weren’t being blackmailed and in questionable company.