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Look at the Doors lyrics and they are some deep stuff, for example"When I get feeling better when I'm feelin' no pain" was a reference to Gord's relationship with alcohol- he was a self-confessed alcoholic for a long time (a lot of his songs carried a reference to alcohol- Hangdog Hotel Room, Triangle, Early Morni' Rain, Minstrel of the Dawn, Ordinary Man, and Christian Island, just to name a few)then got sober about 12-15 years ago.

Good thing: the physical regimen he used to get his system dry and well kept him healthy enough to survive a burst abdominal aneurysm in 2002, putting him in a coma for several months.

However it's probable that "Sundown" isn't about a single nailed-down topic, but rather a collection of lyrics Gordon put together perhaps on a subconscious level, hence the ambiguity.

I think we can say for sure there is reference to infidelity in a relationship as well as to alcohol.

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Gordon Lightfoot could write a tale, and most were true! Anyone who's seen Gordo in concert knows that he wrote the song at a time in his life when his wife was divorcing him.He uses to references to sailors, "lookin like a queen in a sailors dream" and "I can see her looking fast in her faded jeans".we would call it looking fast when we were looking good, its a navy term.He was helping them get started and he caught one of the members having sex with his partner.

HE THROUGH THEM ALL OUT AND IT WAS HISTORY FROM THEREHey gang, while we're into interpretations, maybe this song was the antithesis to the song about "approaching lavender" (I think that was the title? He sings, "oh, approaching lavender...." which my mom said she thought was about a gay guy.

IN my travels I heard that Gordon Lightfoot wrote this song for Brian Good from The Good Brothers after Gord caught him sneekin' down his backstairs.

It's the work of Zane Zhou, along with Lamano Studio in Chile. It's been 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales, but today it's still illegal in 72 countries around the world – and punishable by death in eight.… continue reading »

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