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29-Aug-2016 20:14

It wasn’t that difficult to tap into, but probably would have been more so, if I hadn’t had a son.You just can’t imagine the thought of someone that close to you and someone of that age going through something like this. The on-screen relationship you have with Nicholas Bechtel is one of the best on I thought you and Nicholas were sensational together in the scene at GH when Spencer wakes up for the first time and tells his father he loves him." viewers know that new head writer, Ron Carlivati, has a very special vision for what he wants to see in Salem in the coming months, and it looks like bringing some old favorite characters back to town is a big part of that plan.

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As many "Days of our Lives" fans may remember, Nikki and Kate became lovers, but she did not want to make a full-time commitment to him. Nikki wasn't seen again until 2011 when he came back to Salem to visit his mother, Carly, in rehab and meet his half-sister, Melanie, who is the daughter of Carly and Daniel Jonas.is Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), and no more apparent was that simple fact than during his recent star turn in episodes, which featured Nikolas dealing with the unthinkable!His beloved ten-year-old son Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) was caught in a raging fire at his birthday party at Wyndemere.Last week fans of GH saw you turn in one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful performances, when Nikolas worries if his son Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) will survive the burns and injuries sustained in the fire at Wyndemere on his birthday.

The scenes were exquisite, and had the audience bawling their eyes out.However, in terms of the dialog, and how the story is going to unfold specifically, maybe a little less than a week.