Whos dating bruce willis

03-Jun-2016 21:59

We know because Bruce Willis doesn't read newspapers, or magazines or tabloids or anything else with a date on it, for that matter.

It's not that Willis dislikes the printed word -- he's fond of novels and history books and he plows through plenty of screenplays. Forget it."I don't watch it on TV either," he says quietly, as he twirls a spoon around a cup of coffee.

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He's endured his share of box office fiascos, too, though he's never fallen off Hollywood's roster of A-list talent.

"I knew hundreds of guys with tattoos that said 'South Jersey.

Only the strong survive.' "Willis has been written about almost ceaselessly since 1984, when he pulled off a Hollywood newcomer fantasy and beat out 3,000 actors for a starring role in "Moonlighting," a huge television hit with Cybill Shepherd.

Perhaps he's channeling the character he plays in the film, a beleaguered cop who must rescue a family from a collection of miscreants and shadowy criminals in order to save the life of his own wife and daughter.

(It gets complicated.) As Jeff Talley, Willis spends much of this two-hour film coping with the most dreadful possibility a husband and father can face.In it, Willis is an aging boxer named Butch, who risks his life to scam a bullying underworld boss paying him to throw a fight.

After Hermann Schliemann unearthed magnificent gold artifacts in the 1870s at the Turkish site that he believed to be the location of ancient Troy, based on evidence in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, scholars gained new respect for the value of Homer's grasp of history.… continue reading »

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